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castle wars


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hey there people

i know this is going to sound well out there and messed up

but when it comes to wars yes it is fun and great but i would like to see alot more wars

i was thinking to my self how about when you call for a war it starts a war there and then for 30min and the winner can only hold the wall for a hour if some other guild calls war on it so there can be was allmost everyday and every night castles change hands all the time but the guild that has the castle at the time the gold gose into guildfunds get it for that day

if this was to go into the game then we would not have that extended time on castle wars but would be more fun

i know alot of you would hate this plan this is fine but i think it would be cool and i was told no suggestion is dumb/stupid

thanks for reading this
Would only benefit those who can play when the funds are transferred to the wall, as that's 3 am.

Realistically everyone would be bored senseless at having a war every hour of every day.