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Help Request Can’t see mir in flies

Possibly your antivirus has flagged the mir.exe file and quarantined it. You will have to reinstate it and create an exemption for the file.
Make a folder on desktop , download mir to that folder then check that folder for the corect .exe etc before installing , then install the game dont use mirpatch.exe use the normal mir2.exe 1st then look in the mirfolder you installed to see if the following files are still there..
If any of the blue highlighted are missing your Antivirus has moved them to its qurantine area, open your antivirus program look under recent events or in your quarantine files attribute see if they are there , if they are you normmaly righty click the file and you be presented with options like remove allow etc , allow it then reboot pc , its importatnt to reboot at this stage as many antivirus have a file hook in memory to quratined files that wont allow them to be allowed whist that pattern is in its memory .........

If the following does not work or your download skip the downloading of the mir2.exe then its your firewall or ISP that has blocked the transfer of .exe files this can happen if you work in certian work places etc and the only way you can get a .exe is by contacting the IT admin or ISP