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Cant link specifik item on any carracter


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Hello GM

I have a Great Revival ring that is unable to link. I have try on both my stall carracters and on my "main" carracter´s.
Nothing works.
Other items are fine and work.

Any tip ?

/ Kingkongen
I had something similar, 2 items I found off a boss, can't remember what one might have been Iku Turso or Swordmaster. When I try to link them nothing happens, other person can't see anything it's like I haven't sent a message, but on my screen looks normal. They ended up salvaged anyway but it's not the first time that's happened. Next time it happens I'll keep the item(s) so GM can check it out
Not something I have ever looked into - it's a bit of an icky feature that came with the original files. Not too shocked it's buggy!
Maybe one day I will look into it but there's quite a few things going on at the moment.