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Call of Phoenix skill


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Has the mechanics of this been tweaked as i seem to be missing atleast 1k damage if not more am puzzled....
I just came on to post about it there !!! 1 k fuck mine is almost halfed in damaged WTF is going on here , not happy as its my primary spell I use for both lvling and bossing , and before any1 says its because we are OP that's a lot of shit , we have a cooldown on it plus we run the risk of being squashed as we are up close using this spell.

with over 1K mc and 53% Fire damage my Cop usualy sits about 5600 Damage , now its sitting at 2900 ........ also no heads up about this change , meaning im ball deep in a lure in tomb of the dead and the fuckers aren't dying and my pots are struggling to keep up

also now how we ment to get a finishing hit on a war in PVP , after we make a war revive he has plenty of time to rt , only chance we ever had of getting a kill shot was to bounce in and Cop , also allowing most wars to 1 hit us , not worth the risk now as my inferno does almost as much damage as cop , so I just needa hope the warrior is daft enough to run and burn himself to death
How are you measuring the damage? Actual hits of from the description?

The skill does two hits, I changed the client to calculate only one hit not two
Thanks for clearing that up but not sure why you even thought about changing a skill that has not got any need to change i did test on trainer later yes my cop still does about 4.5k damage but its based on two hits of 2200 each so it is right i guess will see how it goes.

It would be nice to have a forum thread or web page with the revisions and updates in a bit more details as its what you expect with games nowadays etc ☺