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Bug :(


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Hi GM, me and my bro were killing in skull island 2 loki, but then our net disconnected so we had to close the game and re-open it as it disconnected.
We opened the game then we were both sent to border town :( (out of skull island. God knows why.
This is not fair, could you please send us back? Char names: Loyal, DragonKarma.
This happened a few times with Loki
Scorps fixed it for us , hope can sort it for you
This happened a few times with Loki
Scorps fixed it for us , hope can sort it for you
Ahh ok I see, but meh event finishes tonight anyway and when scorpian sees this thread from yesterday morning the event will prob be finished.
Quite gutted as I almost killed loki with my bro and then we disconnected, i could feel something rare was gonna drop!
He didn't, lol.
Event was nearly finished anyway so not really bothered, np.

However gm if ur reading this maybe its possible you can send my tao back in? as i see the people who are in skull island didnt get sent out and are still there lvling after the event has finished. Thanks.