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Books that require a quest?


Hi all,

Where can I start the berserk/vampire etc quests books? all i can see are books that say quest books how do I get the book so I can get the spell

I presume you're referring to the Vampirism / Entrapment / Confusion spell book?

Those are obtained from locating the 15 MissingPages found in Past Bichon's Oma Valley or Zuma Dungeon.
You will need the base part of the book also, named appropriately:

Vampi... (Vampirism)
Confu... (Confusion)
Entra... (Entrapment)

These also can randomly be found in Zuma Dungeon and Past Bichon's Oma Valley.

The spell "Berserk" however, is not quest related and is obtained randomly from the level-specific boss region.
Once you have the completed book as Warda describes, just take it to the NPC inside the bookshop in BW, just left of the portal. If you have the quest book in your bag the NPC will teach you the skill