Blue Dragon Palace Maze bugged | The Legend of Mir

Blue Dragon Palace Maze bugged


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Cleared first room of maze no problem, went into second room and about 10 seconds after we entered the room all the mobs stopped moving, they were just standing there not moving or attacking. We cleared the room then when it was nearly clear they started moving again. We finished clearing and the door to next room said "Locked due to monsters". Monster count said 4. There was 6 of us and we spent about 10 minutes running circles round the maze room there was definitely no mobs. Our guess is it was counting traps but not sure. We tried our best to run every square to see if we could get a trap but couldn't find any, eventually got bored and TTd.
I saw that. No idea what was going on lol must have been a memory leak. You were probably right about the traps. Sucks that it ruined the hunt
Is it possible to exclude traps from the kill count so you can move forward to next room after clearing all the actual mobs even if some traps are left, it's just annoying running about trying to find them