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Blood storm ....50hp every 4th hit


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Hey scorp ,

Got blood storm last night and it was a big letdown if I'm honest ,
Doesn't give you HP every hit like vamp does , and when it does give you HP it's only 50 HP u get.

It doesn't tell you on the spell if this will improve when lvled up , all that improved is it'll hit more mobs

Was running about lakes levelling it and tbh it's a useless spell for me ATM , even if it leaches from 4 mobs you still only get 1x50hp and that's if your lucky as I says it doesn't even give HP everyhit so no point risking using it In an emergency .

I'll lvl it to lvl 3 when I get home from work and report more feed back
Thanks for posting. Zade raised this a while ago. Its fixed but needs rebooting in. May still need adjusting after that