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Able to look into reverting this cooldown? Warriors are probably the most gimped class, BC’jng in is pretty much a guarenteed TT, can’t even use dash BC anymore for engage/escapes... there’s no way of using it smartly, warriors are too squishy for that shit.... that reason + range op is why a few rerolled
warriors can 2 hit people... u wanna be able to 2hit people and become invincible with dash/bc spam

Warriors are squishy as fuck, I’m saying revert the old BC cooldown or let us use dash with the CURRENT 8 seconds cooldown..

As u bc in you gotta tt there’s no escape lol... We’re weak as it is and everyone does big damage, should be looked into as that’s the whole point of a warrior on this game sorry if anyone says else but, we rely on BC and a Para ring, and we only damage weak taos in full buffs lol, use some hp stones maybe....

@scorpian maybe trial it? Reduce to 6/4 seconds see how it goes as it’s kinda shitty In fights both sides BC in their warriors are gone, so is ours