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Bag & Storage jumbled up



Noticed this yesterday, but moreso just now after the reboot (never had it after a reboot in the past).

But essentially when I logged on my bag, storage and shared storage were all jumbled up (everything in the wrong position).

This would happen from time-to-time in my player store, but not the other two.

Probably small on your list of issues, but quite annoying as I order my bag and stores so I can see what I have at a glance / have kits lined up so I can grab what I need with ease when required.

The order file is saved locally on your computer so switching between machines will cause a conflict. Also Windows might be conflicting with the saves and trying to put them in a different folder on your pc (I know other people have had issues with screenshot folders being in their User Account folders instead of the installation folder)
Tends to happen with a forced reboot as well, if I leave a char logged in when there has been a reboot or when system has crashed bag will always be jumbled.

No bigy in the scheme of things and easy to rectify :)
Weird - this seems to be happening everytime I log into my accounts, especially account storage - super annoying :(