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Baal challenge

In Baal challenge do you need to clear all floors of mobs before he spawns, have opened the four tombs and killed the sub boss that spawn with message send back to Hell, but have cleared "Where Ball Sleeps" of all mobs but no Baal.

Do i need to clear all floor of all mobs and open the four tombs before Baal spawns?
you need to kill the 5 mephisto's for him to spawn , it was spawned and killed yesterday

You're thinking of the high level Baal Challenge that opens every Thursday at 6pm UK time.

I suspect the guy is asking about the quest version. There's one at Farmer and one at Tristam. Suitable for low levels to solo and the portals are in different places, but the concept is the same. I think you answered his question anyway :)
Yes it was the one from Tristam but he was right you need 5 soul stones to wake, i must of missed one on the floor when my pet killed.
Just completed with 5 stones opened the tomb in the "where Baal sleeps." last and Baal woke just where i thought he would ....

Thanks for the help.