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Auction house


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Any chance it can be changed so you can talk to people while browsing Auction House? It’s annoying when I’m a few pages in and have to reply to someone, I can use the mouse to open the pm reply but when I press “enter” it just tries to search in AH. So I close the auction screen to send message and when opening the AH again it is back on page 1, I’ve sometimes been 100 pages deep and this has happened and tbh it’s one of my pet hates ingame right now!
yea that is a bit annoying... i usually dont reply until i close the AH page.. its not convenient when replying but it quite is convenient when you want to quickly look something up. a search feature by player name would be quite handy too
Annoying for sure.

A solution would be to have a popup search window, or maybe disable the search box when you press enter/search. Each comes with their own issues!

Will test a few things out