Arcamon | The Legend of Mir
    The Legend of Skull Island

    Experience a unique starter adventure on Arcadia: trapped in the Mineral Mines alongside the Islebound Kin; a small clan if islanders who have been isolated since the emergence of a great fiery harbinger. As the village scribes uncover lost magic, new heroes are rising to power. Discover the legend of Skull Island and harness your power to save the islanders from certain doom.

    Embark on new quests and face exciting challenges with the Arcadia community. Forge powerful new characters for your account and earn some much desired Elysian Ore.

    ALL new characters are welcome!
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Active Member
With the new food crafting I have been levelling up my arcamon, they are all over 180 now. I noticed tonight they are still so so squishy and it got me thinking. Could we have the option to kit them? Either with old player kit or new arcamon specific items? My dragonkhazard has only 300 ac and amc I would love to see it take more than two hits from mobs before death.
It's a nice idea but I worry about balancing it all.. in hindsight, Arcamon should have probably been very basic and all similar stats so it was more of a skin choice than based on power/utility!