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Arcamon Pet System needs updating


Returned to the game 2 weeks ago and there are so many new Arcamon Pets but could not find any detail about them. what evo stages are what abilities they have ect ect if any one has spare 5min to add these to this thread would be great then maybe scorp can update the closed Arcamon Pet System Thread
Any news plz Warda? or you waiting for Brexit?

Well, now that you mention it...

Sorry for delays, we'll have all the new information very soon - promise I will keep you in the loop when we update the guides. :encouragement:
Bump! Any date in mind please warda mate? Pets been out some time now. New pet advantages must be well over now.
Or just a list of what evo stones work on what would do, like to known before I pay out for stones...
Also do the stones still drop in game, not seen any for ages.
As always
Best wishes