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an idea for wars


im not sure if this is a total dog shite idea or just 50% dog shite idea: here we go any ways and see what you all think =p

Make another castle be able to be won in the same way as SW. And on the same day!!! Maybe even a new castle =p

Could makes things a bit more interesting, having guilds planning who stays and defends the castle and who goes raids the other one.

Would need to reduce the points system and increase the values for kills to spice it up a bit more too =p Maybe take out alliances, who knows, possibilities are endless.
I think -30 for TT and -50 for death could be x10 at least
-300 for TT and -500 for death would make it a bit more exciting
would be cool guild vs guild to establish whos the better one in a castle war scenario. or have other wars with bounties for guild vs guild. Alliance is good for boss PK ect. but i think if its a guild challenge like walls etc with special privilege's and perks it should have to be completed by only that guild. it should be strictly 1v1 IMO. I know mems would be added and removed prior to maybe make it sting more with an increased lower stability prior to wars and additions after so its not exploited so severe.
Make it so pvp damage is reduced by 70% through all classes... gives ppl more time to make their move..
Always open to ideas just wary of making too many changes too often. I think we need to start with a list of real problems so we can make sure that they are actually being fixed
That would only be fair if regen rates are also half, otherwise warriors would be invincible

Yea the regen would probably need to be reduced but you also got to remember wizards and taoists can swap between protection ring and normal ring.. in effect making their HP last at least 4x longer