Amulet/Poison | The Legend of Mir


Is there any reason why these require manual switching?

In the heat of battle it's quite tedious to be changing amulet to red/green poison and back again. No other classes are required to press more than one hotkey to use a skill so is amulet/poison really necessary?

Please either:
  • remove the requirement for amulet/poison from skills as, in my opinion the whole idea of it is obsolete; it's akin to making wizards carry around oil to use fire spells or ice cubes to use ice spells and them having to hotkey them, pressing said hotkey before using their spell - or them using their spell which partially animates and error message on screen "Item missing" by which point they may be dead -- sounds ridiculous right?
  • allow skills to be used from having the amulet/poison in characters bag.
  • remove the amulet requirement and have the character have to switch between red<>green poison manually.

Taoists are the strongest class in mir atm.. what your asking is gonna make them god.. not gonna happen sorry.. and if it does there gonna be alot of resistance from other classes who wont be happy with it. taoists should be made weaker and also give them some spells or increase their dc so they can hunt by hitting mobs rather then them trying to be a wannbe wizards who does some serious damage with their mass damage spells not to mention their hardcore pets that they can create by pressing a button.

so yea sorry i dont agree with you.. instead they should be made weaker with their pets getting slower, and maybe in return give them some more hp and increase their dc or their items dc.. and maybe give them some DC spells.
The highest level taos are already almost impossible to kill in pvp. Giving them the disadvantage of having to switch around poisons/amulets is one way of keeping their power limited.

My little baby tao (level 112 at the moment) can already hold it's own against a level 130+ warrior or wiz.

Sounds like you just need to learn to play tao better :)