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Feature Request AluLord


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So the new boss, King of elysian aka 'AluLord' probably the best dropper in the game right now as its the highest level.

This boss has a 12 or 16 hour respawn time! I remember waiting 10 hours for it to spawn the other day and I missed it ><

Any chance we can get a global announcement when this boss spawns similar to Evil Mir please.
That way there will be more contest for this boss, unfortunately at the moment its just getting spawned/killed without the server knowing and the chances you find it alive are very slim I myself have been logging every single day since the patch but have yet to see it spawn. Nobody even knows its full respawn time yet but the assumption is 12hour +. Would be a very nice feature if it did a global shout when it spawns
Nah keep it as it is. The global announcement will only make more issues such as Pk and people start crying on forum. Yea I agree on the part it will be more contested but the way things are atm with global shout it will only 100% give the privilege to whichever guild has more players on.
As above, global announcements push the advantage to whoever has the most pk players logged in, and away from players who are actively hunting