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Advice please. (newbie here from official mir)

Good morning.

I'm wondering if anyone here could give me some advice on character selection. Me and my friend are looking to start playing Mir Arcadia, we have never played before and we both haven't really played the game since 2003 on official Phoenix Server. I was wondering if content here can be complete in duo's and if so what two classes work best for PvE here? I was thinking Warrior and Tao but would like to get other people's opinions first.
Thanks Blank :)
Yep tao + wizz can get the job done for the most part. At the beginning it probably will be slower than if you had a tao + warrior but once your tao get 116 for DevilsVision and wiz gets 121 for CallOfPhoenix you will notice that things dramatically speed up for you in the levelling sector.
i am just starting to play again i played on dragon server prob back in 2002-2003 been a long time. Was just scrolling curious if mir was even still out bored during this Covid pandemic. I am downloading the game right now and plan on doing a warrior if you would like some extra company getting started.
Welcome back to the game guys!

Click the "wiz guide" link in my signature and have a read, the early levels will apply to other classes too so might be of some help to you all

When you start your character you are automatically added into a default guild, you can quite often get answers to any basic questions you have by asking on guild chat, people do love to help each other!

If you're struggling to find something or need some further advice do feel free to pm me ingame and I'll do what I can