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Account wide storage

Hi, I bought a row of account storage using 30 GG. I am dismayed to find it's only unlocked on that one character, and that I can't use the extra space to share with my other characters. This doesn't make sense to me at all? The entire point of that part of storage is to share amongst one account, so why don't extensions open account wide too?

I am well aware that developers don't work for free, but I'd rather pay 50GG to open a row account wide than 30 for just one character, it's pretty stingy and makes things awkward.

Any thoughts on changing this, scorpian?
I agree it seems a bit confusion and should be made clearer. I think most people who buy extra account storage end up with the same complaint. I wouldn't mind a partial refund of the 960gg I spent on fully opening up 4 chars on my main account :eek:
This is one of quite a few things that should be better explained. Anything that costs GG should be fully explained so people don't spend real money on something that is not properly explained.
Aye can get expensive ive got 6 accounts that ive fully opened on all 3 chars. handy for storage though and having mutiple chars in different guilds spying lol.
The problem is that a few things need updating before this can be corrected as the upgrade happens to the character not to the account. Plus people have already paid for unlocking multiple tabs.

Originally there was no account storage, so logically made more sense that is was only on the character. However I can see how it has become confusing and you might now expect it to operate account-wide.

If you want a refund let me know
No I won't ask for a refund as it's still possible to make use of the extra space just that my alts can't put in anything extra, only my main that I bought the row on. I have to empty out a few items and then refresh the page for my alts. Because of this if I do buy any more account space I'll just make sure it's on my main character else I'm opening up extra space I already have on alts, which isn't a win imo.