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Account suspended

Hey any chance I can get a reason why my accounts been suspended ? Taken a break from game let my mate from guild use my account so he can tame mobs then tame them back on his own wizz then banned the same day ? Honestly can’t think of why else i would have been banned if there is can I know why ?
Account sharing is supposed to be against the gaming rules

Not against the rules specifically, but it's strongly discouraged, and can result in lower priority from GMs when help is needed as issues can be seen as 'your fault'

To the OP, give it a day or two, there's an automated suspension thing that kicks in for all sorts of reasons, some of them totally innocent, and usually only bans you for a day. If you're still suspended after that time then the best thing to do is send GM an email with as much relevant detail as possible then be patient while it's investigated
Ah well I was only helping a friend out . I didn’t mind as I wasn’t really Active . Kinda presumed it was allowed seeing as every other Tom Dick n Harry do the same .