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Account Suspended but don't know why.

I have an account that i use which is under the ID: Daniel1407 and it seems to be suspended and i am unaware of why. I recently moved my kit onto my friends account ID: skyfall because he quit the server and let me use it but it seems that account has also been suspended it has been many weeks and is still suspended and i have got no response on why it has happened.
Before my account had this happened i had been given half a kit given to from a mate and i donated £100 to purchase the rest of the kit i needed. A few days later my account had been suspended and i don't know why i have tried to get a hold of gm many times and i am attempting to again here if i can get a response from a gm on this problem would be very thanked.

I don't believe i have done anything wrong but if i have please show me what i have done.

Thank you
he prolly caught you spending money to get your items from other players. or cause hes got good reasons to believe you did so.

donating then couple of days later gaining free items from your friends raises red flag in GM's book lol. so really this could be a cause,

or you used a 3rd party programme give you advantage or old players trying to request their account back which in this case GM puts a suspend until he is more sure of whats going on
Well i donated for gamegold then bought items from AH with my gamegold and made a my rev and para with design and essences. I also know my mate for many years hes not gonna request for a password return when password was still same or request gm to stop account being used. Also my main has this suspension aswell as my new account my mate gave me. Also i was playing on my crappy laptop at the time and barely go above 40fps so doubt was cause of cheating
well then it could be due to your laptop not being in sync with the server... normally when the server detects this.. the account automatically a suspension. this could be due to a 3rd party programme that your not aware of.. in this case GM will check logs and so fort and then act accordingly
I have been playing this server for years on that laptop dont understand why it would have been banned once i was on a new account but anyway hopefully a gm can look into this
Any news or assistance i can get from a GameMaster?

I've tryed contacting a GameMaster via email but seem to get nothing i can see the GameMaster is active on forums but im getting ignored on all occasions.
I've done nothing wrong to get this suspension and i'm getting punished because of it.
It is quite tiring constantly hearing that I would go out of my way to ban someone for no reason. But of course, ask anyone in prison and they are all innocent.
I Don't understand why my account was banned because of paypal reversals all i did was give you money to buy gamegold. I can show evidence of from paypal that i have only donated and not retracted payments but will not allow me to upload files on here because the file size is to big. I can show u screenshots via email or other means needed to show my innocence.