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Account storage


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I bought 2 extra columns on account storage at 30gg each, expected them to work the same as the rest of the account storage. But those columns are only visible on the character I bought them on.

Can it be confirmed if this is the intended behaviour or if it's a bug please
Yea its a bit of a rip off to having to buy a columns on each char in order to access it from all characters
The sub aspect I tend to agree on, loose if if u don’t pay ur sub

The extra acc storage should apply across all chars on one acc imo though
That's how its meant to be and it should say that? Maybe it's not very clear. The price was reduced because of that issue

It's not ideal I agree. The issue was with limitations on what could be achieved without a larger recode of the account management. The same reason GameGold is locked onto a character and not an account.

I will probably expand it across the account when possible