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dear gm,
please could you check account sharing on event, I have been told that chenghan has sold hypahia to child .. who is now pking everyone on 3 floor of event. been told char was sold to child . please return char to owner as you always say in RED
did try to char to said player and got told fuck off
best wishes

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event about all levels not just cheats
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Andy has stated his position on this. If account changes hands it's fine. If original owner wants account back they can get it. If original owner and current owner have a dispute with each other over ownership then account gets banned, but that situation does not appear to be happening. A willing trade has happened, I don't think you'll achieve anything with complaining about this to be honest mate, first two floors are no-player-drop areas, if you don't want to be involved in pk then stay on those floors or get faster on the rt/tt button