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Accidently selling Rare items lol


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So i went to hero's to repair my crystal ring, wasnt paying attention and accidentally sold it to the shop.... so im like shit ill buy it back, and its not in stock.... funny because this is like the 3rd time ive done something like this. Just wondering if you could maybe put some sort of confirmation button when selling/salvaging rare items . Like what i get when i wanna sell a peacebloom for 50k...

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Im not asking for it back , but something to prevent it happening again would be awesome. thanks n hope u read this scorp
This is one of my biggest fears lol

A confirmation box would be good but maybe an alternative option would be to make the boxes different colours. So when you click the repair button a green aura appears around it and when you click the sell button a red aura appears around it. So it'll be very obvious which window you are on
ok so i managed to get it back thank god after buying out what feels like the wholes servers junk from the vendors stock. but scorp pls fix :)
Haha nice! Good am doing well just working a lot recently. Yeah I’ve been ingame for some time now tbh.. maybe I’ll return soon and have a bash with you!
have a happy new year mate
Repair should probably be a different window. Maybe a repair hammer like the quick-sell. I will make a note of it