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Acadia - GG help


Hello. This has now happened twice in two days.

I've purchased one lot of 50gg for 5.99 and it's gone through fine. I purchased a second lot directly after and I've received no GG.

This has happened AGAIN today.

I'm now down 11.98 and I've got no GG. I need this asap.

Please help admins.

Many thanks, Pagey86 (PageyWizzie)
Forum is not the best place for enquiries, best to use the "contact us" link at the bottom to email GM directly
Hi there, sorry for the trouble. This should be sorted out now. Looks like there was no specified character name. Usually we send out an email right away asking for the info but it looks like you haven't received anything.

I think what happens is that when you return to the shop from PayPal after an initial purchase, the character name isn't automatically filled out in the form.

Thank you for your support