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A little help

Hi all,

Im enjoying game and atm im lvl65, but im really struggling finding areas to hunt where items drop for my level, also i cannot find my higher lvl skill books. Any advice would be great as i've been trawling through the internet and forum and read guides, but i have no idea what im looking for

Thank you, Nuckle.
Theres an NPC just north of safe zone in Bichon Wall that gives suggestions for you.

What class are you?
You won't be able to kill the things that drop kit for your level. Give tongs tomb a try for exp, collect the food items that drop and sell them to trader. Then buy the items you need from shop or other players, have a look in Auction House (house icon near bottom right of your screen)

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Not many people sell kit that low though, the game really opens up after level 100, and you can get much more involved after about 120. If you want to skip a bit of the lower levels, you're welcome to join me on an exp hunt where you will level very quickly
Would love to join sometime, i find the guild chat is pretty dead also so i left that too =).

Thank you for the advice.

Yeah when you first join the game you get added into a default guild, it's just full of everyone's store characters etc. so most of them will not be played.

Not sure if the guild I'm in has any space in it at the moment but can sort that out down the line. Not sure if I'll be on this evening, but if not then definitely tomorrow
Go hunt in Easter event map.. click that big snake in BW safezone. best exp and drops for you there
At 65 I would recommend killing tongs and selling their stuff for cash. Check out bw shops and stuff as been upgraded with more low lvl items. See if you can group up or tag with someone lvling if not I would hit Easter map for exp. When Easter map goes at your level you could get around 35k from prajan temple mobs with reseted exp