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    The Legend of Skull Island

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'A Bug's Life'


Leading Contributor
Ok I thought I would just make a little section for the majority of the small bugs that are actually having an impact on the day to day quality of life.. And yes I know I have said scrolls isn't a game breaker elsewhere, but it will make the list.

1. Phoenix Wall - still cannot enter this castle door.
2. Amulets, SoulAmulet(XL) is what I use cause I am a cheap skate. I have 3 with 500/500 and 4 with 1000/1000. Same NPC.
3. ID Scrolls, only 165 players are able to buy the ScrollofWisdom from Heroes Village, this is a hindrance on people who pay GG for ess/des in Auction.
4. Adding new sockets to items seems to be playing up also.

If anybody has anything to add please feel free, Phoenix wall in particular has been like this for over a month now, what's going on? I appreciate working on PastBichon expansion and the fact Andy has got a real full time job too. Surely a couple of these can be fixed over a weekend with your experience though?
+ Tristram : New one here: Can no longer sell, or Quick sell to trader. The button and slot to put the item are gone.
We try to get guild members to buy and sell in the towns we own castles for tax purposes.

This defeats our guild's ability to make gold. Last time, we lost something like 30 days of revenue from when we could sell.... now we can't sell, so more revenue lost.

- - - Updated - - -

GM, can we allow the npcs in castles to buy herbs, belts and boots then? Currently can only sell jewelry and helmets i think....