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2 step repulse


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Merry xmas everyone ! :)

So after a recent break from the game seems like i got alot of new content to catch up on and the event whilst its on. But couldnt help notice that repulse still pushes players away even if they're not next to you. Just wondering if this is a bug or intended. Either way its good to be back.
I think its intended like this... It bring some fairness to Wiz and Tao as it gives both classes a chance to escape.. even though it benefits wiz more cause of their translocation, but that thing takes too much mp, long count down and doesn't always work..
I hope not , as its kinda broken being able to repulse someone/something when they arent even next to u :/
Also lets get repent working in PVP again but with maybe a reduction in the actual debuff on players ? thx <3
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It was being trialled since the game space got much bigger, more monsters hit over a distance and warriors got BC