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100% exp pots?


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So a mob in tomb of dead gives me 150k ish exp per kill with no exp pot or anything. Now when i use 100% exp pot.. the same mob gives me 210k ish exp!! what the flipping heck?? shouldn't it be 300k at least? what im i missing here?
Thanks Zade.

Gotta say im disappointed in these pots tho.. paying 20 gg to get 1x free kill exp for every 3 mobs i kill. or do 3% to get 4%... too expensive and misleading/// already bought couple.. and gonna stop using stop/calm down using them from next lvl until something changed. shame i over lvled my pet.
Sorry you misunderstood but I would refute the misleading part. It clearly says +100% (not 2x and not x200%), and there's a clear indication of your current exp % on the character status window. This is further reinforced by all other exp % modifications behaving the same way, resting bonus, second character bonus, subscription bonus, all other exp potions

As Zade says, they are best used in conjunction with the Alchemy system. Depending on your level, each potion is worth in the region of an hours free leveling. Depends how much you value an hour of your time!

And then there's this thread, and your lost chance to make a difference https://thelegendofmir.com/forum/threads/44638-Training-Potions-and-Elixir
If you go on map stats and personal char stats you will see your current exp rate.

From what I can tell everything works how it should.

My only recommendation would be to fill the gap of exp broths with something for blue and red mobs. Maybe different size exp orbs from 1-100 mil exp (more rare the higher they go) can’t be traded dropped ect ect. I feel this is a realist request.

Now off to neverland, add supper exp orbs that can drop /be traded (rare of course) 1-10 billion exp.
again want to stress “appropriate drop rates” so it won’t kill the server like 5 people are about to jump on me and flame away