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10 Pararings upgrade to Heropara

Is this still a thing? was just talking to someone in game and they mentioned Fortevil has been removed, has the NPC that does the upgrade been removed aswell or move somewhere else??
Removed, pretty redundant feature nowadays - they're still in game and easily accessible though. They drop from most low level bosses if you're still interested in getting a HeroPara. Bosses like MaggotQueen, EvilsIllusion etc.

FortEvil was removed a long time ago when BW and Arcadia became the new Home Zones in it's place.
Arh cheers for the info, been running around with the old lvl 34 para ring, thought it maybe time to upgrade it :) guess im farming some maggotqueen
There's also the Special Quest inside Terror Temple KR - completing that as a Warrior leads to acquiring the Warrior Special. A paralysis ring with built in attack speed and a bit extra DC. Some will argue this quest is now quite pointless and redundant given how long it can take to complete, but it is there nonetheless.
Is there another ring after heropara? that isnt from GG - saving up for a revive ring atm unless i can get a ringofelven before hand
Just the warrior special but you can craft / find some really nice Hero Paralysis rings