Just to keep you updated here is a list of updates due in the next reboot:

  • Experience gems now work up to level 90 including rebirth, it is also twice as easy to get the higher % multipliers!
  • Reindeer and Xmas Trees have been removed from game!
  • Hall of the Gods is open to all players, there is no level restrictions on any of the dungeon paths
  • The 96 farmer quests now award twice the experience so it has never been easier to catch up to project69’s pro’s
  • Grand items will be available for purchace via GameGold
  • more to follow watch this space..

I would just like to say that should the server go offline, any purchases or donations made in the previous 45 days will be fully refunded. I think it is important that I make this clear since this is such a fundamental issue in keeping the server online at this moment in time.