Time and date of reboot to be announced although I would hope its some time this week! Feedback welcome on these updates and any suggestions to what can be added before they go live.

An update to the old Mud Wall Stone Tomb has been preliminarily implemented:

  • Contains level 110+ monsters
  • Old skool stone tomb spawns including supers and super dupers of each monster
  • White evil boar will spawn on floor 4 5 and 7 with supers on 5 and 7
  • In addition each floor has a group of mummy’s that spawn every 2 hours in the same location. Mummys carry a lot of runes and experience!
  • Full EvilSnake and super WhiteEvilBoar drops yet to be established
  • Recall allowed up to Floor 6, random teleport allowed, teleport ring allowed
  • Monster experience increases by 25% from floor 1 to floor 7

Pets updated:

  • All players can have either 1 hero pet or 1 rebirth pet.
  • The cost to summon the pet is 1 GP
  • Hero pets are BichonGuards that level up from 60-90
  • Rebirth pets have been modified and slightly upgraded
  • More rebirth pets added
  • The option to change pet and keep level has been added to moon stones

Other changes:

  • 2x EXP and 2x drops removed
  • Curse has been disabled
  • Soul Fire Ball has been improved slightly and is now has a 50% faster casting rate

More to follow..