Updates with the reboot are as follows.

A patch is required for some of the updates to be visible ingame. You can get this patch here or here. There is instructions on how to install this patch here.

  • Removed DarkFalz boss replaced with a new one easier to kill spawns faster and can be camped. Be aware that you use the doorway to get down to the KR now; not through a hole in the ground.
  • Drops updated on KingScorpion, IncarnatedWT, KingHog, IncarnatedZT, DarkDevil, TerrorKing, TerrorLord, Black Rider, Lord Sauron, ZumaKing, WoomaKing, IWoomaKing, IZumaKing, RedEvilLord, WoomaTaurus V4
  • Areas added to the portal stone: Black Dragon Dungeon, Mount Doom, Mutant Mines, Wooma Temple V4, Prajna Temple, Fox Desert, Svaltus Cave.
  • Monsters updated in Ice Temple lower floors
  • Svaltus Cave added, more wizard friendly than Svaltus Dungeon.
  • Removed PK Protect and non-drop safezones