Added Red Dragon Dungeon, it is a 4 player team quest that will take you through an area similar to Black Dragon Dungeon but with a certain fire breathing dragon at the end. Each boss must be killed for the progression to the next area of the dungeon.  Talk to the questmaster outside Black Dragons Dungeon.

The rules of the quest are as follows:

  • Entrance to the quest requires four players of no specific profession each paying the fee of 150 GamePoints (GP).
  • The quest will activate upon the entrance of the fourth player.
  • You may not return to the quest once you have left the quest maps but players inside may continue without you.
  • All bosses will drop items but the aim is to kill the Red Dragon at the end.
  • Killing Red Dragon will award you and your group the Red Dragon Dungeon Achievement.
  • You may fail/complete this quest as many times as you can afford.