Snake Tournament
Next saturday eight players will be selected from the top 10 high scores board and entered into a 8 player snake tournament. The winner of which will recieve 150 Game Gold on a character of their choice.

Qualification Rules
1) Snake is the chosen game
2) The first week is a qualifying week – you must be one of the top 8 players by next saturday to be entered into the tournament!
3) Again only 8 of the best players will be in the tournament

Tournament Rules
1) 8 players will compete
2) 3 rounds with three attempts of a good score
3) Of the three attempts your highest score will be submitted
4) Highest score will be passed on to the next round
5) Highest score wins
6) You will be disqualified after 7 days without playing..

First place tournament winner recieves 150 GameGold onto a character of their chice