The following updates were applied during the recent reboot:

  1. Modifications to Fort Evil and Start Zone.
  2. Modifications to low level armour skins.
  3. Refinery has been moved timber by timber..
  4. Modifications to the weapong Lucking system: the new system works more like it did originally, you will use Benedictions directly rather than unbinding them through an NPC; meaning you will not be able to use as many benedictions on your weapon as before. On the otherhand weapons have been modified and probably still will be further modified to make them reach luck 7 easier.
  5. Money has been revised:
    * All cash values have been reduced by a factor or 10 000. Therefore in effect 10k in the old system is now equal to 1, 10million is now equal to 1k, 10billion is now equal to 1million.
    * All old money bars, chests, scrolls, tokens and cheques have been replaced by cash lump sums that must be sold to a Trader to claim their value.
    * Goldbars now have a value of 10million, GoldBarBundles 50million and GoldChests 100million.
    * Maximum bag hold is still 999million.
    * All NPC’s should have updated values, please keep an eye out for any errors and report them ASAP.
    * Acorns have 50% more shop value.
    * Ores from Mines of Moria and Minerals from Mineral Mines have a more respectable value.
  6. Your local Trader has a new system where he will sell items for you at a commission rate of only 1 000 Gold. This means you can give him an item and 1 000 Gold, set the selling price and when he sells it you recieve 100% of the sale price.
  7. Fort Evil Farmer is now the centre of Wizard Licence’s and pets. He will also later provide quests aimed for new players to help them progress through the game.


A 38.4MB patch is required for normal gameplay. You can download the patch here, otherwise go to the download page here.