Reboot will take place today at 23:00 GMT and will last for approximately 1 hour. There is a small patch available here. The patch is not required to play but is recommended as some things may not be visible if you do not have it.

General updates

  • Added Cracked Gems. These have a Lower chance to succeed and a greater chance to break items.
  • Added Cracked Orbs. These have a lower chance to succeed and a greater chance to fail.
  • Added the “grinder” NPC to Kevin the candle man in MW. This NPC will polish gems into orbs. He will also polish cracked orbs and gems into normal orbs and gems. Grinding does not have a 100% success rate and may result in a broken gem/orb.
  • Experience gems have been improved. They now offer experience to players up to level 60.

Area updates

  • Experience in low level cave has been improved. The boss has been removed. Mobs now drop money and items.
  • Experience and drops in Hidden lands have been improved.
  • Experience and drops in Floods area have been improved.
  • Mines of moria and subsequent areas have improved experience.
  • BlackRider and LordSauron drops updates, now also drop cracked gems.
  • Ice temple increased experience. Frost tiger now drops cracked gems and level 54/56 items.
  • Death Valley Evil Zombies have less AC. Drops have been revised.
  • Red Dragon is back and working propperly. He has gained in health points and drops rates have been lowered for the first 3 levels and improved for the subsequent levels.
  • Drop rates have been improved for some level 48 items, level 54/56 items, level 60 items, level 67 items, level 70 items, basic fox items, acorns, rebirth armour upgrade items.
  • Black dragon dungeon has improved drops including addition of cracked orbs and gems. Experience has been increased. Spirit items are now level 70. Recall up to and including Wooma Palace enabled. Teleport ring up to Noble Hog Palace enabled.
  • WT V4 improved drop rates, added gems + cracked gems/orbs
  • Dark Archer drops improved. Added Gems.
  • TerrorLord and TerrorKing drops updated, now drop cracked gems and orbs.
  • PrajnaTemple mobs have 20% more exp, Right/Left Guard have 50% more exp. Recall enabled for upto and including Prajna Temple 6F.
  • MinotaurKing improved drop rates, drops cracked gems and orbs.
  • There are 3 WTK leveling rooms.

 Skills, Spells and Magic

  • Taoist: ExplosiveAmulet has been added. A soul fire ball upgrade that will deal more damage. Level 90 to learn and level 95 to master
  • Warrior: SamuraiTraining. Adds accuracy to your blows. Begin training at level 90 and master the skill at level 95.

Updates can be reviewed and commeted on in the forum.