There will be a reboot at 12:00 GMT (noon) tomorrow Wednesday 10th December for 2-3 hours. The following updates will be added:

  • Trader added to Fort Evil and Daniel the drug man has quick-buy.
  • Guild Basements finished, they will spawn properly.
  • New boss JibumaWarrior added to GuildBasements and to SW Secret area.
  • Talk to the farmer in fort evil for the 32 new Noob Quests. All players can complete them but they are aimed at new players to the server to help them get around, and learn where things are.

The new quests.. 
Quest 1: Bone Collector
Quest 2: Slayer of Beasts
Quest 3: Den of Evil
Quest 4: Defender of the Peace
Quest 5: Slayer of More Beasts
Quest 6: Money Problems
Quest 7: Farm Foods 1
Quest 8: Special Delivery 1
Quest 9: Stray Animals
Quest 10: Pest Removal 1
Quest 11: Farm Foods 2
Quest 12: Fatally Poisonous
Quest 13: Trophy Collector
Quest 14: Cockadoodle Doo
Quest 15: Stolen Goods
Quest 16: Special Delivery 2
Quest 17: Come Sail With Me
Quest 18: Game Score Whore 1
Quest 19: Pest Removal 2
Quest 20: Weeding Service
Quest 21: Slayer of Even More Beasts
Quest 22: Give us a Hand
Quest 23: The Sailors
Quest 24: Its Cold Down There
Quest 25: Smash and Grab 1
Quest 26: More Money Problems
Quest 27: Pest Removal 3
Quest 28: Training Warrior
Quest 29: Extinction
Quest 30: Game Score Whore 2
Quest 31: Smash and Grab 2
Quest 32: The Fat Lady Sings