There will be a reboot at 18:30 GMT today for 20mins-1hour. The reboot will apply the following updates.

  • Xmas presents including Santa Items!!! These will ALL be deleted after the event!
  • New Serpent Tomb for level 90+ – still probably needs adjustments let me know where what and why.
  • There are now two Wooma Temples for above and below level 60.
  • Turtle Temple access via Gamepoints (GP) in GT’s.
  • Sword Masters Lair in HT for level 95+, with a new Sword masters (SM) refined kit (see below).
  • Great Barbarian/Mage/MightyTaoist kit has been lowered to level 95, Sword Master kit is for level 96, two new sets of kit are ready to be added soon.
  • New Connected Path + Boss in Maggot Lair for level 80+
  • More adjustments to weapons for easier lucking
  • Added a radar to all maps where no minimaps are available

A patch is available here: download now.