You can now have a rank ingame and this will be displayed with your name.
They are available from your local Trader for 20 game points.

Default ranks: ChickenChaser, PenniePicker, GutterCleaner, StickBender.

Buyable ranks: Barbarian, DevilFly, Angel, Familiar, Unsung, Slayer, Terrorist, Dragon, Prophet, Famous, Spellwarrior, Invoker, TeddyBear, Druid, Avatar, Legendary, Knight, Apprentice, Sorcerer, Hood, Infiltrator, Soldier, Thief, Ripper, GroundMover, Sabre, Psychic, BountyHunter, Rouge, Mystic, Hunter, Runemaster, Liberator, Scout, Reaper, Pilgrim, SoulTaker, Ranger, Paladin, Maleficus, Deathbringer, Arrowdodger, DeerKiller, PigPorker, Piemaster, Gladiator, BattleMage, WillUser