So, winters here and lets face it the weathers pretty shit so its a good job Project69’s 7th Christmas is just around the corner!

Starting December 7th 2009 and ending January the 7th 2010 the lands of Mir will see one of the biggest events it has ever had. Christmas Trees and Rein Deer will be around towns, causing distractions and dropping presents. Mass boss killing conquests will be held. New Experience Gems will be introduced.  Drops will be doubled, and to top it off, several towns are set to be invaded by armies of gnarling, butt-ugly, foul-smelling, human-eating monsters with an appetite for rare jewellery!


Download Now
Project69 is still free to play, all you have to do is download and install. Download now and be ready for the event. Start-up guides can be found on the website but be sure to sign up on the forum and ask for help there as the friendly community is always ready to assist you.


The Legend of Mir – Project69 Version 2.3 – Containing all patches


Back to Bichon
Now is a really good time to return to Project69. Starting at level 54 you can excel straight into the 70’s with up to 6x experience boosters and 32 beginners quests to guide you on your way. Plus if that isn’t enough there’s another 64+ quests to hurl you head first all the way to level 100 and beyond. The friendly community will help you on your journey to become a Reborn Hero as team hunting is a great aspect of the game in Project69.


A member of the Project69 community has set up a facebook group for everyone to socialise and submit screenies! There will be events held and prizes to give out so come and join today:


Also a member has set up a group on myspace: