Had to do a few things really, main thing was accounts, but also spent abit of time preparing the new server for Project69. The new dual 3.4gh 100mb connection server that is.
You were thinking your money went short, but you can be assured it didn’t.

To get to the point ive been very busy lately and going to get busier, ive done as much as I can for now but after this I want to try forgetting about mir until July with exams and all. I really wanted to do some patching, and maybe move over to 1.9 but it just looks like I aint going to have time for now so I thought you may as well have the server back to play. Most of you were happy enough anyway.

Well..so..its back, back to 2nd may 13:44:18
Except for the spawn rates, which hit some major steroids. So be warned, it isn’t double vision. Though this will probably go down badly, im sure you will see the levelling aspect and or the item hunting aspect of having twice the play mates.
The server IP is in the IP thread although the files can be downloaded from the downloads page. It is very much still on a trial period, for at least this month anyway so I will have to be keeping an eye (poor me) on it.
I don’t want to waffle..so erm… have fun.