These can be rented from the merchant in BW. Payment for a GT is done via the NPC and costs 30 Guild Build Points. GameGold can be converted to GuildBuild Points by any member, allowing any player to help fund the territory.

  1. Storeage/Guild Storage options
  2. Shops
  3. Recall guild members to the territory
  4. Special Repair
  5. Decoration/Trophies available
  6. Editable Notice Board
  7. Teleport stone with unique teleports:
    • Spider Cavern
    • Mystery Cave
    • Ice Temple 7th
    • Fangorn Forrest
    • Purgatory Hall
    • West Oma Camp
    • Temple of Light
    • Temple of Skorn
  8. Trader with GP trades:
    • Item Exchanges 1GP
    • 500GP for 5mil
    • 1000GP for 15mil
  9. Four main areas: one outside and three indoor floors.