Rules and EULA

Please read our EULA:

  1. All virtual player characters, items and points (such as currency “GameGold”) remain the property of the respective servers (Project69, Arcadia, Rise of the Archons) and never that of the end user. This includes GameGold which may be traded in game between players.
  2. Your right to access any server, player character or it’s contents may be withdrawn at anytime with no prior warning and without reason or explanation.
  3. Any loss or incident that occurs in game will not be insured against and there is no guarantee of recovery of loss (e.g items, time, or reputation).
  4. Upon installation, under no circumstance will we be held liable in the event that the software causes damage to the user’s computer or data.
  5. For the safety and well-being of all our players, attempting to profit financially in the real world from any of our games is forbidden.
  6. In-game punishments are at the server administrator’s discretion and do not require any form of evidence to be provided to the player.
  7. Purchased GameGold may be considered for refund only in the instance that it has not been, used, traded, spent or otherwise consumed in game.
  8. The server admin’s word is final.

Information on accounts:

If an account password is lost it may be returned to the individual who created the account via email recovery. This is the only method of password retrieval. If you have lost your password and do not fit these criteria you may not be able to recover the account.


The following may result in a permanent ban of your active character and of all characters linked to your IP:

  1. Cheating – this includes any attempt to edit the game’s executables or using other applications to artificially improve game play
  2. Bug Exploiting – abusing faults in the game. Bugs must be reported the moment they are discovered.
  3. Buying, selling and trading of characters is categorically forbidden.
  4. Trading of in-game items, currency, points or other assets must be done within the constraints of the game interface. Trading of these assets for fiat currency, “real world” objects, or for virtual goods outside of the game is forbidden. This included trading between two of our servers.
  5. Causing grief (griefing) by trolling or otherwise
  6. Impersonating another player or member of staff