As part of the easter event a large patch is available, details shown below.

Whats new and whats changed in Project69:

  • Experience gems give more of a boost and work up to but not including level 70.
  • Increased drop chances for all lower level items to coincide with the faster rate of leveling.
  • New Item sets, armours, weapons and stones for a wide range of levels up to and including level 115. Over 200 new items in total within different regions spread over the whole of Mir.
  • Two new levels of Rebirth Pet are available – Level 5 and 6, the Old Lady in Past Bichon will explain details of creating new food bags, they are also available on trader.
  • Two new spells added for wizard, Blizzard and Red Dragon Fire.
  • A total of 64 new Farmers Quests are available, 32 for rebirth and 32 for level 90. The original 32 Farmers quests now give slightly more experience prizes.
  • The Trader has new and updated GameGold trading options. Some prices have been reduced and some new items added.
  • Achievements are now available for Svaltuses and Sword Master’s Legion. Also available for Sword Master, Valkyrie, Hercules, Forseti and Thor.
  • Sunken Temple added with 4 regions Valhalla, Dungeon Path, Forseti’s Temple and The Temple of Thunder containing 4 new bosses and 8 new sub bosses.


A patch will be required and can be downloaded from this link or from the download area.