There will be a reboot tomorrow to end the double exp event and eneable the following fixes/updates. I am unsure what time the reboot will take place but hopefully it will be sometime round noon.

  • Monsters Sub-bosses and Bosses spawning in level 103/106 areas
  • Nazgul Lord Quest fixed
  • Yimoogi Quest fixed
  • Great Land Squid Quest fixed
  • Diablo Quest fixed
  • Baal Quest fixed
  • Reborn Hero Quest Pest Removal 1 made easier for wizards/taoists
  • Can now make StarPotion M and L without Antibiotic moss bundles
  • Arachnophobia quest made slightly easier and extended to 3 hour time limit
  • Born of Flame and Fire made slightly easier
  • Ruler of the mountain also made easier
  • Phoenix of Chaos quest extended to a 3 hour time limit
  • Prison of Ice made easier and time limit increased
  • Siege on Harrogath has less Guards to kill, increased limit to 3 hours
  • To hell and back increased to an 8 hour limit
  • Palace Keys converted into PalacePresents.. double click to open them