First of all Project69 is not a virus/trojan. The smart people over at AVG have done something wrong and had something in the Mir2.exe classified as dangerous and harmful to your computer. The Mir2.exe located on the Project69 server is virus/trojan free and is not dangerous to your computer however AVG will probably delete it if the resident shield is running so you must do the following if you want to play Project69.

To download the Mir2.exe if it has been deleted by AVG click here.

The Short Version:
Step 1: Double click on the avg tray icon.
Step 2: Double click “Resident Sheild”
Step 3: Click “Manage Exceptions”
Step 4: Click “Add Path”
Step 5: Locate the folder mir is in, just the folder should be called “Project69 2.3” unless you’ve renamed it
Step 6: Click Ok
Step 7: Click Apply
Step 8: Click Ok
Step 9: Click “Save changes”

The Longer Version
Can be read here