Sabuk Wall updates:

  • Sabuk war can take place any day of the week
  • Sabuk war time reduced to 1 hour
  • The cost to start a war is 20 Guild Build Points
  • Daily income from Sabuk is 1 million gold, this goes into the guild funds like usual!
  • Archers and wall changes to be announced

Pet updates:

  • Players can summon pets from a high master
  • Taoist pets are free to summon
  • Rebirth and hero pets cost 1GP to summon each time
  • Each player can have either 1 rebirth pet or 1 hero guard. Rebirth pets have been made stronger to compensate
  • Taoist pets increase in level and strength with the player. They will always be 1 level below the player.

Other updates:

  • Kits added to Stone tomb drops
  • Revised down some MP consumptions of spells
  • Increased damage given by Red Dragon Fire
  • Red Dragon Dungeon entrance costs only 50 GamePoints each (reduced from 150)