Project69 is the name, Mir2 is apparently the game.
After a couple of months of playing Mir2 on my LAN with my brother, Mike, I decided to put my server online and give it a name – Project69.

Project69 is the balance, the opposing force of all other Mir2 servers. Where they fail, we shall succeed!

What is The legend of Mir?
The Legend of Mir The Three Heroes The Project69 is an online multiplayer role-playing game based in a mysterious Oriental-style world.
In The Legend of Mir Project69 you can be a powerful warrior and develop your ability in close combat, a skilled wizard with a whole set of spells or a mystic taoist provided with inner spirituals powers.
Hundreds of users can play together in the challenging world of Mir, which allows you to expand your ability and experience as you become stronger, to explore dangerous dungeons and fantastic cities and to create powerful guilds.
The Legend of mir Project69 is for any age player wherever you are in the world.

How to play Project69
Playing The Legend of Mir Project69 is easy, quick and, of course, great fun! You can download the game from the Download link above. While you are downloading the software why not introduce yourself on the forum? Once you have downloaded the software you simply need to install it and begin playing. Take a look at the getting started guide.

Welcome to the world of Project69